the king bo story



King Bo is one of the hottest upcoming Hip Hop acts coming out of NYC. As the city searches to reclaim it’s title as the center of Hip Hop’s universe, King Bo is on the frontline of the resurgence of legitimate bars that contain substance and that swift NY flow delivered. A New York native born in Queens who started rapping after close knit friends recorded a diss track aimed at him for fun, King Bo surprised them by hitting the studio and recording his own diss track and by fate it turned out to be his calling.

Ever since King Bo has been honing his skills along with childhood friend Russ Blade and formed the duo “Bo & Blade” the duo released projects such “Big Business” Vol.1 Hosted by DJ Kool Kid, “Supply & Demand” Vol.2 Hosted by Superstar Jay , DJ Kay Slay Presents “Kartel Gang – Get Lit Or Die Tryin” Bo & Blade Vol.3 and “Lyrical Exercise” Vol.1. Tragedy struck in August of 2015 when Russ Blade passed away and since then King Bo has been honoring his brothers legacy by continuing on the journey of musical stardom that they began together so many years ago. Showing no signs of slowing up King Bo released the “Big Monsta Bad Man” series featuring tracks highlighting his lyrical prowess and creating his own rendition to a few classics as well as original content. Next up is “Just Music F* Politics” the posthumous project created with Russ Blade just before his passing which features singles such as “Paid My Dues” ft Beanie Sigel, “Life’s On The Line” ft Red Cafe, and “Scumbag”. Also in the works is “Life Of The King” which will be King Bo’s official debut album.